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Albany's Indoor RockGym

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Albany's Indoor RockGym has over 6,000 square feet of climbing surfaces and one-of-a-kind indoor caving system that kids will love.

Google Reviews
January 18 2022
This was my third or fourth time in a climbing gym. The last time was over a year ago, so I definitely needed a refresher on how to use the belay system. Matt did an excellent job instructing us on it. Not only that but he gave us simplistic and common sense ways to approach climbing and use climbing techniques. If you are new to climbing, you can't go wrong with this gym. The atmosphere is just so welcoming. And even if you're a veteran of climbing, this gym has so much to offer for such a reasonable price.

February 09 2022
I took a class there last week. Complete novice to rock climbing. Matt gave me a fantastic lesson and we had so much fun!! I highly recommend this place and matt. his genuine enthusiasm made the experience great. I also had a super easy time booking with Carrie. Highly recommend.

January 06 2022
Me and my friends went to go rock climbing for the first time in years and it was awesome! Matt was extremely helpful and patient. He told us everything we needed to know to have a fun, safe experience. The caves were also incredible! Matt worked with everyone and supported them on individual levels. I am definitely looking forward to going back to this gem!

June 06 2022
my boyfriend and i came in on a Friday night and we had a great time. the women instructing us was great and very informative. however, we went into the cave system for about an hour and when we came out our stuff that we left in a cubby was covered in liquid chalk. it was very strange since there was none anywhere else, not even on the cubby.

January 06 2022
Wow! I’m in my twenties and I went with 3 other friends. No one else was there in the beginning and the instructor, Matt, taught us everything we needed to know (and more!) and was so kind and patient. He has so much experience and the place is really magical. The indoor caves was the absolute scariest experience of my life, but I trusted the establishment so much and decided to go for it. I will never forget this place and the hard work these people put into it. Thanks for a great night and I will be coming back!

Please Read: We strongly advise that you check business websites or call ahead for the most up-to-date information on possible limited hours and whether reservations are necessary or not.
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