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U.S. AIRSOFT is the premier airsoft arena in the U.S. We are located in Anderson, CA - Just outside of Redding. We have over 10 acres dedicated to Airsoft. We pride ourselves on being the first arena to provide stat tracking and leaderboards.

Google Reviews
January 03 2024
I am not new to field games, mainly did melee games with bows and swords (not larp, much more aggressive ruleset and players, like pre-SCA) for over 10 years. Wanting to switch into airsoft, but after reading the bad reviews here and coupling that with how the games I have played in melee were plagued with favoritism, overbearing refs, and general ego problems from staff that needed to be neutral I can easily relate to various people's experiences they had in this type of environment without having to actually have participated. Honestly, it may be worth my while to skip this place and maybe open my own field since I have a great deal of experience in how to correctly pick neutral refs and workers without having buddy-buddy issues arise that unbalance the playing field. We had to overcome cheaters before, and it never really fully goes away, but we had it down to just 1 person who was cheating and we made it VERY uncomfortable for them to stick around to the point they complained that they were friends with refs and the rental supplier and it didn't make a lick of a difference so they opted to leave forever. I would like to come observe their staff and field managerial process as a spectator. It sounds like they may need to consider seriously shaking up their way they go about things from both the store end and the field end. Since there are some obvious satisfactions happening when it comes to general social skills for customer service in the initial process, it shows there is at least some commonalities for good initial onboarding. Purely from reading, it seems everything goes a bit unstable after that for the experienced folks. Inexperienced customers may think that it's common practice and since there are no other local comparisons this is the only relatable experience in their minds, naturally giving to favorable reviews due to no broadened horizons. Again, I would like to see how they run the place to see if I would even consider jumping in and playing. If it's overbearing and unreasonable, may need to shake things up in the rules and competencies of refs and such. If it has a flow that can be flexible enough to allow for a variety of playstyles and maneuvers that make sense (or somewhat don - i.e. controlled chaos) I would very much be interested. Everything is a learning experience, after all. If it kinda falls flat or is forced to be a dull experience, then there is no point. I'll probably take a trip down there soon to see what's up.

January 08 2024
Amazing place to get fun exercise 💪! Staff are friendly and respectful...we've been going there 10 years coming up April 1st of this year...

March 11 2023
Really enjoyable with friends. Very nice people that will help you with any information you need. The most fun I’ve had with his year. Other teammates are friendly if you make any mistakes and help you out

January 30 2023
This Facility is awesome. Right when you walk in you have a store with plenty of platforms, accessories to build a solid Rifle that will fit your play style and needs. There are plenty of safety gear and rentals that are available at the armory. For me, what sets this facility apart is the massive field they have here. 10 acres including indoor and outdoor that can be traversed freely during play with obstacles, buildings, vehicles, and trenches. All areas of this field will change the way you engage and move forward to your objectives, from tight corners to long distance sniping. Another game changer is the membership program they have here. Members accumulate points, ranks, and badges that feel rewarding to all who participate in the challenges they offer here. Most of it is recorded on your membership profile. Lastly the community is very lively, safety is practiced very diligently through both staff and the players themselves. Thank you for the awesome experience here, I will be back.

April 16 2023
I was trying to spend money and the staff would jump to the next person and leave me standing there. Also trying to get anyone to answer a phone or call you back is completely out of the question. I'm spending hundreds of dollars I would like to be acknowledged when I'm standing in front of staff.

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