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Kidz Kingdom

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Kidz Kingdom LLC in Binghamton, NY, is a delightful indoor play area for children, offering a variety of fun and safe play structures. It's an ideal spot for kids to enjoy active playtime in a vibrant and engaging environment.
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Google Reviews
January 27 2024
I have been here a lot between birthdays and field trips It is always a great fun place where the kids can just be kids and get out all their energy, the staff is beyond helpful and nice

November 19 2022
Took my daughter for open play! Hours stated on Facebook that they were open until 8. We got there at 6:09 the gentleman working said if it clears out then we have to leave when they do but we were guaranteed an hour! Well luckily another kid came in and we got to stay until 8pm but in my opinion if your open until 8 then your open until 8 not when there’s nobody there! Could use a few more things to do as there is some open space. I took pictures of the party rooms that are ridiculously small but could work if you’re having a small party! Also definitely could use a cleaning it wasn’t terrible but it definitely had a smell and my hands felt so disgusting afterwards(I go to play places all the time never felt like this). My daughter had a blast!! Personally I love the blue slide haha

July 03 2023
This place is not clean and the mats are dirty and odorous. It is congested and may not be suitable for individuals with allergies. All visitors (including adults) are required to remove their shoes, even in areas where children do not play. The party room was too small preventing some parents from accompanying their children in the room. Also, parking is limited and I could hardly find a parking spot. Overall, my experience was terrible and I have no intention of returning to this place.

August 22 2023
I'm currently here at Kidz Kingdom. The front desk lady was very nice & welcoming. My children are having SO much fun! It's not an overly big place, which I love because I can sit on a bench & let them go but still see everything that they're doing! Would definitely come back here again!!

September 21 2023
We certainly love playing at Kidz Kingdom, there’s a lot for the littles to play with and always have a blast. The only concern is that literally EVERY single time we have gone, we get sick. Last year we went and caught RSV which ended up being very scary with my little guy. We just went recently and sick horribly again. It’s fun, it’s cute and everyone is friendly but it is NOT clean. You can see, feel and smell the grime. And I’m sorry but I just can’t chalk it up to a coincidence that every time we visit we get horribly sick. We stay home every day, don’t go to school, so I know it’s coming from Kidz Kingdom. I don’t believe they truly clean and climb up on to everything to sanitize and disinfect, sad to say because we love to play here but might not go back because the sickness isn’t worth it sadly. The discovery center we never get sick after, and when we are there we see workers constantly cleaning and disinfecting all day. So as fun as it is, proceed with caution especially if you have any underlying issues or auto immune diseases.

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