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The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier

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The Discovery Center in Binghamton, NY, is a vibrant children's museum offering over 30 interactive exhibits. Highlights include piloting an A-10 Jet, managing a fire truck, and a mock TV station. It's a fun, educational experience for kids.

Google Reviews
August 13 2023
Very fun and had lots of activities for our growing and learning toddler. Even us adults had our fun. Everything is so well kept which is so hard to find nowadays especially with an interactive museum of sorts. Staff was very friendly and all exhibits are extremely well thought out. The imaginary play is leveled up here as all the details are there. I can’t wait to bring her back each year as she continues to grow and learn.

August 13 2018
This place is a very well maintained, clean, and entertaining place for younger kids. We brought a 2 year old, and she was able to enjoy nearly everything, but the place is geared for slightly older kids (3+, perhaps). It is also surprisingly cheap. 4 adults and 1 kid cost $35.00 The exterior area is done in a whimsical fashion. All in all, this is a must do if you have young kids!

August 07 2018
Went here for a class trip. Very interesting. The whole Center is set up, with every section you can imagine as far as playing pretend, including a veterinarian Center, a grocery store (where they can push around shopping carts and pretend purchase their food items) bank, dentist, doctor, they can sit in a real life fire truck, and the back of an ambulance, they can visit and have an experience of a real life baseball stadium. . They have many many many hours that could fill your child needs, it does get quite crowded as the place is smaller, we had three kindergarten classes in there and that was just okay. But if there's that many kids in there on any Saturday all having parents or Guardians with them it would just be too crowded. They also have a nice outdoor Garden area which the kids can water their vegetables outside among with creative storytelling as you walk along the path.

February 03 2019
Great visit. I highly recommend this place. !! My Grandkids love this place. Always an adventure .. from the hot air balloons and airplanes. To the fire truck. To the acting stage to the pirates ship and the grocery store .. we loved the underground tunnels and all of the adventures to be had at the Discovery center . They have made many improvements over the years . I must say. . can't wait to take them back again when we have more time .. thanks so much for providing a place for learning , fun, and development . A much needed asset to the community .

July 05 2023
Awesome location for the kids! They offer literally everything as you would expect at a discovery center. This location was very clean and more organized than other ones ! The staff is extremely friendly and the educational facilities are top notch! I would recommend this location for anyone looking for an interactive educational play day!

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