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JMA Wireless Dome

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The JMA Dome is home to the Syracuse Orange football, basketball and lacrosse teams. It has also played host to some of the most memorable concerts

Google Reviews
November 18 2023
This Dome was very nice… and definitely huge. It is hard to find someone in there! I came here to watch my school team play- which was pretty amazing. It was a nice experience and the seats were actually pretty comfy. Regular stadium bleachers… but with backrests- which were nice. This is definitely a huge stadium, and seemed very well kept. I enjoyed my experience very much. This stadium has a GREAT layout.

October 30 2023
First time here and was impressed with the size of facilities. Prices were a little steep for food items, but that is the same across the nation at facilities like this one. There was definitely a big problem with direction and organization at this event. People were all over the place trying to get seats and leave, etc. No directional traffic flow. Everyone was walking in all directions in all aisles. The seating was extremely tight, like too tight. No cup holder's either, and for such a newer updated building, they failed in that department. It's too bad because everyone is like oh you will love the Carrier Dome." it's awesome." Blah blah, blah. Definitely did not live up to expectations. Would I ever go to another event The one and only time here was enough.

January 03 2024
I've been here so many times for football, basketball, and lacrosse. Never gets old! I love watching 'CUSE on TV, but theres nothing like watching them live in the JMA Wireless Dome. It's filled with history and great memories. Prices are consistent with any other venue, so don't be shocked when you're purchasing your Dome Dog! Can't wait to see the new seating coming for 24-2025 season. LET'S GO 'CUSE!!!

October 30 2023
Great venue. Not a bad seat in the place. Convenient parking. We went when it was cold outside and it was nice and warm inside. Normal consession stand with pizza, pretzels, nachos, beer.

August 15 2023
I’d give the dome a 3.5 rating. I went to a good concert there. Alice Cooper. Motley Crue. Def Leppard. The sound wasn’t as bad as I expected after reading other reviews. The bass was a bit high, but the music was still quite good. I’d purchased the parking months ahead of time with the concert tickets. Unfortunately I didn’t open the envelope until heading there on the day of. There was no parking pass included, though my receipt clearly showed it was purchased. The rule is you absolutely have to hang it on your mirror. After calling I was told that if I’d called the day before it could have been taken care of. Yes, they could see I’d bought it but it would be about impossible to fix that day. (Side note, other people at the facility were grumbling that they didn’t get their paid for parking tickets either! So it wasn’t a rare mistake!) But at the time I realized I didn’t have it I figured oh well. I’d park in general parking. Unfortunately general parking isn’t really a thing. This facility is part of Syracuse University and parking is a real issue. After arriving and asking parking attendants to be directed to parking, I was directed vaguely to “the hospital”. I’m not familiar with the area and it is not user friendly at all, especially for newcomers. Go early. Very early. Eventually I happened upon a long line of cars going into a parking garage at a hospital named V.A. and got one of the last spots. Another $30 but concerts are expensive. It was then a bit of a walk up many stairs but a straight shot to follow the crowd to the dome. You had to have only a clear purse to enter through security. I’m finding every venue has different obtuse rules for what you can bring in. Read everything ahead of time to comply. It’s all a hassle. Such is the way of concerts now. Haphazard, basic facilities (benches or plastic chairs zip tied in rows, crowds smashed together trying to get to bathrooms, long queues) but honestly, I love going so I deal.

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