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FASNY Museum of Firefighting

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The FASNY Museum of Firefighting in Hudson, NY – The world’s largest firefighting museum,preserves the history of firefighting. Explore vintage fire engines, interactive exhibits, and the Hall of Heroes, honoring the bravery of firefighters.

Google Reviews
September 13 2022
Visited in the morning, Friday I think it was, in late August. I don’t have any particular affinity or fascination with firefighting (just a lot of respect for the work), but I had a blast at this museum. It’s huge and there’s just tons to see and read. I would also add that this place really is fun for all ages. Our 3.5-year-old daughter loved doing some of the kids’ activities. We could easily have spent more time here - I think we stayed for about two hours. Friendly staff, quite good value for money. If we ever find ourselves back in the area, I would happily return here.

May 07 2022
The FASNY Museum is beyond awesome. The quality of their apparatus collection is beyond amazing. There are over 90 to see. We were blown away at the with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Sarah was so great to us. There is so much to see and really great activities for adults and children. The volunteer and 9/11 collection a must see. My Dad who has been a volunteer firefighter for 60 years, and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. It is one of the best collections in the United States. Highly recommend.

August 09 2022
Many have mentioned the family friendly and it certainly had that, but my wife and I were very interested as adults in the displays. I was particularly interested in some of the older equipment. The 9/11 display was moving.

July 10 2022
Great museum for kids! Tons of interactive components! My kiddos loved the bucket brigade activity, the discovery room, and getting to climb into the firetrucks. They also loved visiting with Molly, the museum's fire pup 🚒👩‍🚒

July 27 2022
I am specifically reviewing their toddler and small child friendliness. we had lunch at the picnic table outside in the shade. it was super nice. pack all your trash, there are no garbage cans outside the museum. there is one once you enter. we pottied in the back of the car so we brought in no bags and I could have my hands free. good thing, no large bags allowed. they ask you hold their hand the whole time.... (what.) so I asked exactly where the interactive exhibit was and B lined to it. the first thing he saw was scissors and no other activity looked as intriguing, even to me. so we spent 20 gleeful minutes learning to cut paper firefighters. several exhibits are very language and concept driven, so be prepared to lecture. I thought it'd all be a little too abstract for my 2 year old who hasn't gotten to the "why" stage yet, so I skipped a lot of it. I also found a lot of activities that seemed welcoming, only to read sentences of rules once we arrived at it. (one such pictured). the simplest exhibits were the best imo. stop drop and roll was fun. it's just a little carpet with a hard low boundary and a little leather vest they can put on. Also in the back there are 4 firetrucks they can climb into and pretend play. but like you know, make sure they don't touch the outside. 😑 bathrooms are good, boys room with a ground urinal, but no low sink or steps to get up to the sink independently. This place seems great for older children practicing their compliance skills, who are not in peak exploratory phase. The place isn't terribly accommodating for neurodiverse abilities, so you'll want to leave at the first signs of them beginning to get frustrated.

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