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Wiggle Worms Playland Saratoga

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Designed for kids six months and up, your kids will love playing, climbing, sliding and pretending.

Google Reviews
August 28 2021
It's an okay playground for young children. It has several play areas including a bouncy house, slides and a pretend area. There is another area specifically for crawling children. There are lots of toys and I have to wonder how the bigger toys are sanitized. There's a small box to deposit, but I didn't see any in the box. I thought it was pricey for a half an hour. The sign says $4.95, but we paid $11 because it's extra for the bouncy house. It's misleading. Adults are free. Other than that, my 4 year old grandson enjoyed himself.

March 05 2022
So beyond happy with this place, especially the customer service! After emailing back and forth with Kim (who I assume to be the owner) about how to put together an event for my family, with several “different” types of requests, I never once felt judged, or as if she felt I was being some kind of issue-client. After it was all planned, the day was yesterday, and I am SO happy how it all went! The location is PERFECT, and with children ranging from 1 year to 8 years old in my family, there was plenty for every single kid within that age range to do. Safety is prominent, but also doesn’t hinder the fun. The staff member who was present also DIDN’T make me feel like I was walking on eggshells, and definitely understood the mantra “kids will be kids”, and honored the fact that when your running a place for kids to play, that’s exactly what they are going to do! (I have been at a play place before where I felt like the staff forgot that young kids run, jump, touch everything and aren’t always the most careful when doing it! Lol) The pizza they provided for my event was SO YUMMY (they work with a local pizzeria in a neighboring plaza), and the drink options (some included with my event price, and others available to purchase extra) was a wide variety, something for everyone! There was a large space with plenty of options of tables, chairs and even high chairs available, and I was allowed to rearrange them anyway I needed to suit my event needs. They do have an area at the back end of specifically for “birthday parties”, but other events, such as mine, or anything else where the place is being privately rented is also welcome to just use the main seating area in the front. The flexibility that Miss. Kim allowed for me, and the hospitality she extended to me and my family (as well as the staff member who was working during my event- I am so sorry, I forgot her name!) is unmatchable! AND the fact that Kim reached out via email to me today to check and make sure I was happy with my event, just goes to show, when you can choose a small business, you absolutely should! And if you are looking for something fun to do with your kiddos just because , or if your looking for a place for an event or birthday party for kids (especially during the months of the year where outside isn’t an option!), THIS PLACE is your place!

November 14 2021
Went here with my 17 month old this afternoon. Upon entering there was a sign that said to go across the hall to check in if no one was there. Not a deal breaker, as we still went across the hall, but that just comes off as unprofessional in my opinion. I feel if you run a business, there should always be someone available and looking over the place. (I'll give that a pass for now as we are still working through COVID so I am a little more understanding with the possibility of not having enough staff.) While the price is very inexpensive, I was still hoping for something more. There was a good amount of space for the kids to play and it is divided up nicely within, but nobody was following or enforcing the policy of "please help us keep the place clean and pick up after yourself/child". This, along with the decor, made the place look a little unkept; that is not to say the place was dirty by any means. I was also not overly happy with the parents who just let their child or children run around without regard to anyone else. I understand it is a play area but please keep an eye on what your child is or children are doing. I was not there to babysit but I felt I was at times, especially when a child takes something away from my kid or continues to come up to me and ask things. I would be more receptive to that if the child was trying to engage with my child, but that was clearly not the case. I do appreciate the on-site bathrooms. They were neatly kept and clean. The sign asking parents not to throw diapers away in their trashcan and to, instead, throw them in the malls trashcan was a little ridiculous - especially given the establishment is intended for younger children. Trust me, I know diapers smell and it may be gross to deal with other children's diapers - again, I have a 17 month old - but do not pass that on to someone else in the mall. A sign asking parents to please bring them home instead would have been more acceptable. Overall, I would consider trying this place again in the future. The price was fair, there was plenty of room to run and play, and not once did my kid look bored. I think next time I would go on a weekday instead of a weekend. When that happens, I will update the review if warranted.

February 16 2020
We had a wonderful time here. Completely recommend. My 2 year old went to two events here this weekend, the Valentine's day party and the Frozen character event. The playground equipment inside is safe, the pretend play area is large and varied with activities, and the staff wonderfully personable and competent. We had a blast and will definitely return, maybe even sign up for regular membership soon.

February 26 2022
This is a great place for kids, especially during the winter months. The prices are reasonable and the staff are always friendly too.

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