New York State Museum

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New York State Museum is FREE and is the largest museum of its kind in the country.The Museum exhibitions include Fire Engine Hall, The Cohoes Mastodon and much more. Kids especially love the hand-carved 36-horse carousel.

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May 31 2022
I came here this past weekend for the first time. I was shocked that the admission was for free and that they only suggest giving a small donation ($5 for individual and $10 for a couple). This museum is absolutely fantastic. The place is clean, including the bathrooms and the displays are so well maintained. Some of the exhibits were closed as well as the gift shop, but I saw a good amount of displays while I was there. The one exhibit that stood out and really hit close to home since I am from Brooklyn, NY was the World Trade Center exhibit. I don't think anyone can look at those displays and not want to shed a tear about what had happened on 9/11/2001. They have some really interesting pieces, including the original flag that was on top of one of the towers. I also really enjoyed the Birds of New York exhibit. I never realized we have so many feathered friends flying all around us. Overall, this is a great museum for any age and a wonderful look into the history of New York State. I will definitely come back again!

April 26 2022
What a gem. It's actually quite massive - we were there for a couple of hours and only got to see half. Maybe even less. The 9/11 exhibit is detailed and quite emotional- I couldn't even take any pictures. There are exhibits on various eras that are detailed and well documented. Even if you don't want to read so much, they are wonderfully well put together. You don't have to follow any chronology, but it's set up so that you can if you want to. Really well thought out and lets you really appreciate our state. Note: its free to visit. We did not have to reserve time slots online either. The people at the front desk are super helpful. Outside, there are some wonderful memorials as well, and the space is lovely, you can sit and reflect for a few minutes.

August 24 2021
I've always loved museums for the New York State prison into something to do during covid-19 you had before that so many interesting things I still haven't been the whole place the bad thing is they close down the gift shop that sucks. I really should reopen it maybe a couple of days a week they don't have to be open all the time it's going to be missed they had so many neat things in there gift ideas and knowledgeable stuff to have it oh yeah thanks for somebody that actually lied to our country so many things have gone down the tubes on freaking believable at least the museum still remains open to the public you have to wear a mask

October 15 2021
Lots of interesting things to see. The archeology exhibit of the old Dutch settlement of FT Orange was Really well done and the logging film was eye opening. Obviously it's difficult to present the comprehensive history of the state but I felt that the museum glosses over a lot.

June 20 2022
Nice museum about NY from nature and environment to ancient history to recent history. Free admission, donations are encouraged. My kids (8, 6 and 6) really liked all the exhibits - especially the minerals (my favorite mineral in the picture). Beautiful walking area on the otherside of the museum entrance: grassy area, view of a cathedral

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