Troy Public Library

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The Troy Public Library celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 1997. As the Trustees and Friends look forward to one hundred more years of service, the Troy Public Library remains a vital institution, committed to serving our community!

Google Reviews
February 14 2022
Amazing place. One of the best libraries I have been to. It has a really nice collection. It has a cozy reading area. The staff are kind and extremely helpful. I was able to issue multiple books at one go. I don't like big government, but public libraries are the exception. :)

December 02 2021
Nice extensive cataloge of many subjects, surprisingly that is not as common as you think. Plus a bonus for when your day dreaming, there is beautiful art and building fixtures to keep you from working for hours!

November 04 2021
I went in there the other day after I left the law library. I got made fun of picked and and harassed by the two librarians. All I kept hearing was something about woman's rights. I have a four year old daughter getting terrorised right now by Lord and savior judge Walsh. Not sure if those two know what a young girl becomes in life. A woman. I walk from library to library trying to get my daughter some rights. Not missing artifacts from Benjamin button. I hope my daughter has rights someday and I hope you two live forever. When I see stuff like it's an an embarrassment to humanity and my community.

August 26 2021
I will never forget the librarian that refused to help me in my last 5 minutes of my computer usage to email my résumé to myself. I worked so hard on the resume for all my work to be lost. This is something I will never forget. The librarian was totally capable of helping me, unfortunately she wasn’t willing to help. This is what is wrong with this world- lack of humanity.

October 20 2021
Unprofessional workers there not nice at all they don't know how to talk to people I had alot of problems with the workers and the people that go there the members are evil and they always targeting me in the past I don't go here anymore I'm banned. And they are spiteful at the library this member this guy started with me for no reason at all over the sanstizer I put on alot but he don't own it with his mean self I don't brother one I stay to myself and I'm a good nice sweet person.

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