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RPM Raceway is the ultimate all-electric indoor go-kart and entertainment destination, providing an authentic, exhilarating and memorable racing experience.

Google Reviews
April 24 2022
While the race was fun(the 3-4 min it lasted) the almost 3 hour wait(which we were not advised of when we paid) was not worth the 28 bucks they charge with no amenities for customers while they wait. A heads up would have been nice. Fun race but would never recommend or do again.

April 17 2022
It was a lot of fun but they tell you don’t use the brakes. You definitely gotta use the brakes if you want to win and get a fast lap.

April 16 2022
Super fun place to go! Everybody in our party had a great time. They were very good at being safe. My only complaint was it appeared they were short staffed. They only had one guy trying to watch the whole race track and run the flags. The poor guy was all over the place. At one point things got delayed somehow on their end but not a huge deal. And they did mess up our races on the receipt they charged us for what we bought but they didn't write it down for what we bought on the receipt. So we had to get that fixed but the gentleman was really nice and helpful bringing it up to the cashier to adjust.

June 08 2022
The race was fun but they play favorites here, was on my second lap getting my bearings and one of the "experienced racers" rams into the back of me twice and they never gave him a warning then he proceeded to hit me again later in the race. Both times he had ample room to pass me on the side which I have both first person recording of and a spectator point of view. Just sucks to see such a fun experience ruined by what I can only assume to be money hunger because that racer was racing in the race before us and the one after us. Would just like to see fairness when it comes to the rules. Otherwise it was a fun experience and I would recommend trying it if you have a whole group that can go together that arent going to ram into each other at 40mph.

March 30 2022
Great atmosphere. There are different categories of racing so keep that in mind if you have minors and adults that will be participating. The registration and payment process can be pretty slow, that would be the main complaint. It would be nice if there was a way to mainstream it a little bit especially for groups that are together. Also on busy days it would be great if they had a system that could notify you when there are maybe 2-3 races before yours which gives you about 30 minutes. Otherwise you need to sit there or keep checking back. Definitely check Google for busy times. Of course during the school year Saturdays are pretty crazy especially in cold climates. It's a great indoor activity. During the summer the busy times seem spread out a little more. The membership is well worth it if you will be there more than a couple times in a year as the packages are a great deal. All in all this is definitely a fun activity for all kids or not.

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