Guptill's Arena

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Guptill's Arena is not only a landmark in the area, but has been deemed the world's largest indoor roller skating arena, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Larger than a football field, the building is 50,000 square feet.

Google Reviews
June 23 2022
We enjoyed the evening roller skating! It wasn't too crowded, and a mix of all level skaters. Great music!

November 12 2021
It was worth the 4 hour drive to such a great landmark. We had so much fun and will be back asap. Thank you!

May 27 2022
You can tell there is a lot of history here, but at the same time is clean and well kept. Talking to some locals about their experiences there 'back in the day' seems like a blast! Too bad the dance club is closed

November 28 2021
My daughters loved their birthday party here. Everyone had a great time. Staff was friendly and took care of everything.

February 07 2022
I came here on 2/6/22 to try out skating with my 3 year old son with a family of 5. It costs $20 per person (which kids under 5 should be free) and paid $100. Immediately i can’t go on the skate rink because i have a 10 month old baby and can not take him out so One person already has to sit out and can’t skate. Immediately my toddler does not like skating. The manager on duty told us if we wanted a refund he would give it to me. Again i try one more time to let my toddler go and he still is crying. We decide to take off our shoes and ask for the refund. Now, the manager said he will refund us one child instead of all 5 people. We paid $100 for absolutely nothing. We will never be coming back here even when my son is older. I have not been here in 15+ Years and i was looking forward to doing something with my son i did when i was younger. Times have definitely changed.

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