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Saratoga Spa State Park

(4.7) Google Reviews (4237)
Offers picnic areas, shady stream side trails, suitable for the nature-lover or the casual walker, as well as certified running courses . Winter activities include cross-country skiing,ice skating, ice hockey.

Google Reviews
June 26 2022
This park is spectacular! The spouter is a must see. Tasting all the different springs is a fun experience. Multiple playgrounds and a very large pool make this a great kids destination especially in the summer. Note that you do have to pay for the pool separate. Also, extensive trails for whatever you like.

July 27 2022
The parking entrance fee for cars is $10. This is a beautiful park with pools. The kiddie pool is called Peerless Pool and the adult pool is called Victoria Pool. The kiddie pool at its deepest is 4 feet. There is tons of space to spread out and put down a blanket to have a small lunch and then go swimming. Food is allowed poolside. Grills and picnic tables are on the outside of the fence. There are three different pools, a water slide and playground. Its the perfect place for your buck! Definitely budget friendly when you want to stay local and need to get the kids out of the house. It's a must go! See you there!! 😊 more fun ideas @geeitsrita

March 15 2022
Great place to talk nature walks. It's also a fun place to spend time with friends and family. Children can enjoy the fresh air and the fun playground. I enjoy the spring water... it's all my son will drink.

May 10 2022
This place is beautiful and easy to navigate. Perfect for simple trial hiking, running or just taking a stroll through the park. There is really just everything you need here in a state park. Pools, tennis courts, a concert hall, playgrounds, hiking trails, water fountains, plenty of nature, etc. A fun way to spend any amount of time!

May 02 2022
Went to the mineral baths this afternoon. The baths are wonderful and Colleen is a friendly, helpful bath attendant. After the bath I head to the relaxation room After that it's back to the locker room. One of the ladies showers was not working properly. Water shot out from the center point of the handle as well as the shower head. The next stall worked fine until I tried to use the multipurpose body wash and shampoo. Two squirts and nothing coming out. Turns out my husband had the same experience. Told the attendant at the desk, she was very apologetic but unaware of the problem. As a guest it was a disappointing end to a pleasant experience.

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