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Adventureland is Long Island's Amusement Park since 1962 and we welcome you and your family and friends to come enjoy a fun and exciting day on our rides,

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May 31 2022
This is not as bad as what the one-star reviewers claim. To those folks, I say: Yes, it's a modest (read: small) amusement park. It's right off the LIE in the center of Long Island. Well, guess what? These two points are exactly why there's overcrowding all the time: it's small but accessible. Plan around the crowd. Arrive 30-40 minutes earlier, get your tickets/wristbands and line up, bring a sandwich and eat an early lunch while you wait to enter. You'll be riding Turbulence repeatedly in no time. If you can't commit to making your way upstate NY or across the river to NJ for a different amusement park experience, don't complain about how a small and accessible park is so overcrowded all the time! On the flip side, there are those that left 5 star reviews. I'm glad they had a good time, but I suppose they could be misleading you. This is, in all honesty, a glorified carnival instead of a proper amusement park, which is why a good number of people aren't okay with having to pay the full ticket price to enter. For what it is, this is an okay place to spend half a day with your family and friends, if you know how to beat the crowd.

September 05 2021
We've been coming here for good 3-4 years. We always have fun in here! Kids loving it. Its a very good choice for our family. They have rides for younger kids (toddler and younger) also older kids. So everyone got to play. They also have arcade. Their rides is base on height limit. We would definitely come back next year!.....So we come back after 2 years. And they change the admission. Its not using pay per play ticket anymore. Now there is admission fee. For children online price is 40 $ grown ups is 30 $. I forgot the age limit. I think is reasonable price for children ticket but its a little bit steep for grown ups. We (grown ups) didn't really play that much. Especially since majority of the ride is spinning movement and we have to drive home. As per social distancing in this pandemic condition, forget about it. It was super crowded when we go there. They totally didn't social distance at all and 95% of people there didn't wear mask and no one check any vaccination status at the entrance. We didn't see anyone disinfect the ride at all when we are there. It kind of disappointing since they said that they will disinfect high touch area through out the day. Still though i think it is a fun place to go. I just hope the can do better in implementing their promises.

April 23 2022
Great time!!! Great place for toddlers to get on rides. My 5yr old had a wonderful time. There are also plenty of rides for the older kids too. I went on a Friday and never waited more than 3-5 min to get on a ride. Again, I'm speaking of the section for the younger kids. The other rides seemed to have much longer lines.

May 08 2021
I visited the park this past weekend with my wife and two sons who are both one years old not twins they’re 9 1/2 months apart. They were both able to get on a decent amount of the kiddy rides. My oldest son is about 35 inches tall and the youngest is about 30 inches. They both had an amazing time the park is very clean the staff very friendly and nice. As for the adults they have a decent amount of adults ride me and my wife couldn’t get on as we were just there for the kids and my wife is pregnant. I did get on some of the kid rides which were fun for me as well and I also enjoyed the 80s music that was playing all day long. I hope that’s an every day thing. The cafeteria and The bathroom in the cafeteria had a bit of an 80s vibe going on which I enjoyed very much. I do like that this its a admission park and you don’t have to buy tickets per ride. The one thing I would say is that I don’t think my wife should’ve paid as she’s pregnant and can’t really get on any of the rides but other than that this really is a five star theme park. And if any of the owners or management see this post please keep it going with that 80s music it really adds to the whole experience.

June 21 2022
Great place to visit and bring kids to experience. The prices are reasonable my advice is to get the one day wrist band. FYI. The staff are very helpful.The restrooms are clean and well kept. There are lots of parking available. Bring beach wear there are water rides and regular rides, also sneakers are a must lots of walking. Arrive early lines for favorite rides may get long. The staff are very professional and helpful. Don't plan any other activities for said day 😘💖 it's an all day event and please get lots of rest the night before. I can't speak for everyone but my experience was truly an amazing and incredible adventure. I will definitely be returning sometime in the future.

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