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Six Flags Darien Lake

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Looking for things to do in the Buffalo area? At Six Flags Darien Lake, there’s a lot to ‘WOW!’ about. Like, pulse-pounding coasters, never- before-seen culinary creations, new attractions every season and world renowned entertainment that will get you on

Google Reviews
July 19 2022
Could have been better if we were able to park the golf carts up by the front gate by the beach access from The campsites !! Six Flags Darien Lake you should consider that!! Other than that food was a little bit pricey all day drink is worth it especially if you have little ones!! Subway closes way too early makes it hard if you were able to walk something last second and you couldn't because they closed down between 4:30 and 5!! Park was slightly loud at night in the campsites due to everybody driving by and security!! Other than that I would consider bringing your own food and drinks until you get to the park other than that not too bad!!!! Staff was great and very nice!!

June 27 2022
Visited last minute this past week and we thoroughly enjoyed it again! More rides seemed to be open compared to last year and most of the staff was friendly and welcoming. In fact, we had so much fun that we opted for season passes at the end of our day, and we were able to put our day tickets towards the purchase price. We haven't had season passes here in over 20 years so we're excited to see what the summer brings.

June 22 2022
Due to staffing shortages many attractions and rides were closed. This should really be fully disclosed online and in person before you are sold tickets as there's no reduction in price for decreased access to the park facilities. They made sure all their concessions and food places were thoroughly staffed to get that extra revenue but didn't feel obligated to fully staff shows, rides etc. This obviously increases wait times and often rides were only utilizing one car per ride rather than multiple. This all aside, the day was fun and everything else went fine for a great family day out.

July 14 2022
GREAT TIME! Went to the park for the first time in several years (COVID) and was pleasantly surprised. Although the addition of significant security layers is palpable, it was long overdue. We had a great time, felt safe, and even found some of the games to be priced lower than they ever were in the past. (Fascination!) Water park was fully staffed, which hasn't always been the case. This was a nice surprise! Looking forward to going back again and again.

June 01 2022
Wow. I know they just opened , but what a train wreck. Labor shortage must be hitting them hard in the park, extremely understaffed. Their IT department needs a major reboot as registers kept crashing , no one could rectify the situation. Vendor issues everywhere. Staff not old enough to pour beer , nice staff placement there. Prices , as expected , exorbitant. Some rules changed on a daily basis. Again , I realize they just opened , but based on what we went through , yikes. We stayed in a guest house , very nice. Pretty quick to check in. Park passes no longer included in your stay which is ridiculous. So we got the yearly passes . Zero chance we revisit until things resolve themselves and the owner make the experience what it once was.Zero.

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