Around the World Golf Course

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Longtime mini-golf hub with courses featuring popular landmarks from around the U.S. & the world.

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August 26 2021
Interesting and unique mini-golf. Each home represents a country, and the whole is styled for that country. There are a lot of trees around, so a lot of shade which is great for sunny days. It's a bit older, so some of the holes are showing their age

September 01 2020
Very fun!

September 21 2021
We were awestruck by the unique details of this course. The entire course is so thoughtfully designed and we loved the educational information throughout. My family has played over 100+ mini-golf courses and this easily makes the top 5.

September 04 2021
The best mini-golf experience I’ve ever had, and that I will keep having because this place is a must-go!! I find myself coming multiple times a summer because of how fun it is - anyone who is not from the area must visit because either course you choose (or both) is fun for everyone! Around the World or Around the USA, which would you pick?

June 16 2021
Now that I've played through both course options here, I can firmly say this is the best mini golf experience I have ever had. The courses are so unique and creative, especially with the USA focused course (ending in a NY subway? That's so cool!) and the location is just so clean and well managed. I absolutely recommend if you happen to be in or near Lake George. It's worth at LEAST two trips (one for each course!)

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