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Adirondack Animal Land

(4.5) Google Reviews (809)
A drive-thru African safari, a petting area & prairie dogs are highlights of this 80-acre zoo.

Google Reviews
June 02 2022
Prices have been raised this year (2022) and for $18 a person and $15 for children 1 years and older, I'd rather go to a zoo. I really liked this place the last two years but definitely not worth $80 a car load this year. I understood the feed being overpriced as that's a good way to make money but the admission prices are outrageous! I'll take a trip to a zoo or petting zoo next time I want to bring my children to visit animals.

August 29 2020
Having close contact with the animals was a blast for us and three grandchildren ages eight, five and two.

July 21 2021
Website was full of great stuff of what to expect to see and definitely look forward to going there one day soon. Also pricing isn't outta this world and it would be a great day to bring the kids and see the priceless reactions on there faces seeing these animals.

August 01 2021
We love going there and feeding the animals. Camels the most how they just invite themselves in your window it's great .good times there💚

August 24 2021
Amazing cute gem who would have thought right here in this area.I will take the grandchildren there again again and again a cup of feed to feed the animals is $4 each buy as much as you like and the fee per person in the car for everyone over 2 years old is $12. I don't mind it's helping the place so go out there and support this wonderful place,wonder what they do with the camel's in the brutal Adirondack winters? All the animals from the camel's to the zebras were all wonderful and you can see them all up close and personal from the comfort of your car, I got to see those famous double eyelashes camel's have that helps protect them from the desert storms drive slow be mindful of the animals and enjoy more of creation.

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