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Apex Entertainment Albany

(3.9) Google Reviews (284)
Apex Entertainment Albany is 57,000 sq. ft. of pure fun! Located in the lower level of CrossGates Mall, Apex offers fun for all ages with our 22 lanes of bowling (4 Candlepin), thrilling hyper-realistic VR experiences sitting in the middle of our 65+ game

Google Reviews
May 20 2022
Escape room: We did the zombie escape room. The other one wasn't available. There were several technical difficulties, including the audio being completely nonfunctional. The game lacked visual cues telling you when you succeeded at a puzzle. $20 for 30 minutes didn't feel worth it. Arcade games: Almost every single machine--including the card dispenser machine--ate our credits. We selected $10 for the card and paid a $3 new card fee, and in total put $15 in the machine...but received no change. Where did the $2 go? Sometimes we would need to scan games several times to play, and sometimes it would just eat our credits and not start at all. It's normal for arcades to have technical problems on some machines, but this was to an extent I've never seen before. There are some interesting games available. Bar: Bartender was friendly, but there wasn't an up-to-date drink menu available. It's cool how much they have going on here, but it doesn't matter much when none of the experiences are working properly. They need fewer people walking around doing nothing and more technicians.

June 13 2022
The staff was very attentive and courteous. Had a great time bowling and playing games. They did a great job with presentation of the food and made sure everyone had what they where looking for. Most definitely will return.

June 12 2022
Much larger than it looks from the outside. Food and drinks were ok. The laser tag is a little too dark but a pretty decent size for being in a mall. The staff was nice too. Decent selection of games and a couple of sports simulators.

May 01 2022
I'm gonna try to be understanding, given the fact that nobody wants to work these days. Businesses are struggling to staff the facilities, but majority of the games were down, including the kiosk to purchase credits. What little staff was there looked like they didn't want to be. It was definitely a disappointment for a family night out. I hope they can turn it around, it has the potential to be a good place for family fun.

April 30 2022
We ended up here because Dave and Busters was closed in our mall and we were pretty disappointed. So many games were not working and some that were would take your credits without you being able to play. The virtual reality thing was down also which my son was set on. I don’t think we’d chance going back again.

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