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Lake Shasta Caverns

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Open all year, we provide a tour of the most magnificent limestone cavern in Northern California. DISCOVER THE WONDER! Stalactite- & stalagmite-filled caves accessed by tours that include a boat ride on a scenic lake.

Google Reviews
June 21 2022
Interesting and beautiful caverns. Our guide, Fox, did a wonderful job. You take a short 10 minute boat ride across the lake to the entrance to the caves. Since the lake is down, there is quite a walk to the boat ramp. It’s downhill one way and a bit slippery and uphill the other way which is a bit grueling. The boat ride was not narrated. On the other side you take a short bus ride to the entrance of the caves. Niles, our bus driver was very knowledgeable and informative. The caverns have hundreds of steps, most not too bad. The worst stretch is 80 steps that is fairly steep. Compared to other caves, the caverns aren’t as big however the formations are lovely and some are magnificent. We found the staff great and the trip worth the relatively high admission price.

September 08 2020
Very friendly tour guides! Shoutout to Kaeper!

February 14 2022
A very cool experience. Worth the time if you’re in the area, and the formations and history are cool to think about. A little pricey. It’s a good thing to go to every maybe 15 years, but not a California must see

June 20 2021
First we had to concur the long walk down the dusty road in 107° temp to take the awesome ride across Shasta Lake on the ferry, then up the mountain in the bus with children singing... (loved it!) Then we reached the cave in which we were able to walk & look at our own pace. So many amazing sights in this cave. Lots of stairs to climb to each room so be ready for that as well as the walk back uphill to catch the bus again at the gift shop. This was a exciting adventure....would love you come back again! Thanks to all the young people who are well educated guides too!!

September 16 2021
Fantastic tour and amazing your guide! Would highly recommend a stop out there just for the pleasurable personality of every staff member, new and recurring. My fiance and I took a road trip that ran through Redding CA, and we were interested in the caverns at Lake Shasta. It was well worth the trip and lots of fun.

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