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The Empire State Building is the centerpiece of the New York City’s skyline with unbelievable views of the city from the observation deck.

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July 18 2021
Do me a favor. Stand right in front of the Empire State, and look up. You can close that mouth now!! This place is INCREDIBLE! When we entered, absolute immediate elegance and beauty. Then ever floor and step of the way was just better. That one place where they simulate the people in the old times building? Absolutely breathtaking. Then when you go up the elevator, you see another simulation of the old time constructors. When you get to the watch area, try not to cry, try not to open your mouth, try not to squeal, try not to be darn happy. Impossible right? I agree. It was just the happiest moment of my life. Seeing NYC through the eyes of the Empire State Building was just an honor. Now, one warning. I have acrophobia. If you have acrophobia, I still recommend you to come, but stay inside when it’s time to go to the watch area and also, keep your distance from windows. I got too close and I almost passed out. But it’s alright if you make sure nothing triggers your fears. Actually, more than alright. Beautiful. This is the heart and soul of New York, let me tell you. I would recommend you to come, 110%.

August 22 2021
Great attraction from entrance to exist with a great journey full of learning and exciting activations. My personal favorite is the King Kong one, it will stun you with how far we've gotten in the entertainment world and art! The view from the observatory is absolutely stunning and you won't want to leave. You should go on a bright day with minor clouds to enjoy the beauty of the concrete jungle. Being on top of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan, you will see almost everything there is to see just don't look down. There are 2 floors of the observatory, one where you can step outside and a higher indoor only glass window floor.

December 28 2021
This is one of the most iconic and famous buildings in the world. I highly recommend if you are visiting NYC that you come to check out the observatory deck. You can go for a sunrise view as well as a sunset trip view (they have all times of the day). The staff is super friendly and really go above and beyond to make your experience a one of a kind. You really feel in awe when you are on top of this iconic building which gives your 360° views of Manhattan. Highly recommend!!

February 06 2022
I know it may seem like just another building. A view that is going to cost ya. But I have to say the while visit was awesome. From the entry where one of the staff members appeared to know how to say hello in every language, to super sweet staff helping us get the tickets and guiding us in. Every step of the way to the top is done in a very grandeur style. We decided to go all the way to the top at just the right time that we managed to catch NYC right before sunset and then observe all the lights start coming on. It was a truly magical experience and I feel confident in saying that no one will regret visiting.

April 07 2021
I know... you're probably like, "is it worth it?" Yes it is! The whole experience is first-class. Similar to Disney, the Empire State Building's experience starts the moment you get into the line. They have tons of micro-experiences while you wait to get to the top. And they're all extremely well done. My favorite was walking through the construction site. With the full-wall videos, it really feels like you're in the 1920's high above NYC. Of course, the best part is the top floor. NYC looks amazing from 88 floors high. It's cold, but totally worth it. The pics I have will last me the rest of my life.

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