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Jiminy Peak Mountain Ski Resort

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Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort is the largest ski and snowboard resort in southern New England. KidsRule Mountain Camps offer a fresh approach to kids instruction, one where the skills and confidence go as deep as the fun and laughter.

Google Reviews
March 13 2022
Went to the resort for the day to ski. First had a 90 minute skiing lesson at the Bunny Hill with Ian who was a great instructor. He was encouraging, patient and great at explaining the subtleties of skiing. I felt far more comfortable with the skis by the end of the lesson. The bunny hill was great for me to improve a bit at skiing and I had a fantastic time. I hope I will be able to come back soon.

June 01 2022
Had to stay here for an annual event in the area due to our usual hotel being booked. The hotel is dated and rooms in very very bad need of deep cleaning and renovation. One of our pillows had a hairball on it, wall to wall carpet clearly hadn’t been vacuumed (thanks to our 9 month old crawling and picking up everything in sight to eat we noticed in detail), moldy shower curtain, silverware were put away without being washed ?! Had to wash coffee cups and scrape food off knife to wash to spread some jam on toast. Plans to make food in the room were quickly axed bc the kitchen was just grimy. This was all really gross to us. Spending nearly 200 a night on a room where you don’t even feel you can take your shoes off was frustrating at best. The room we had 431 was right by the restaurant- ASK TO BE MOVED if you are in this room. The door to the rooms from the restaurant isn’t a soft close so you just listen to the sweet sounds of slamming doors all night- my baby extra appreciated that. I gave the place 3 stars because it has potential it’s just dirty and so tired. At the very least, wash the kitchenware, carpet and refresh the moldy shower curtains!!

February 28 2022
Conditions were pretty good after the area received 9” over the weekend. A few of the black runs were skied off and icy by lunch yet most others were fine. Nice to have the lodge at the top of the mountain open- beautiful views. Parking lots were full yet lines moved right along.

January 26 2022
Love this place. Great atmosphere and good place to learn how to ride. This is the first mountain I’ve been to and it great that they have a bunny hill, lower mountain and upper mountain. In one night I was able to learn how to go down the bunny hill and progress to the lower and upper mountain. I also did the twilight pass which made it a cheaper option, and had less people around for me to run into.

January 16 2021
Great ski trail conditioms. The trails were nicely groomed.

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