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Seabreeze Park

(4.5) Google Reviews (3744)
Top destination for summer family fun! Ride a roller coaster, relax in the water park, enjoy a show and amazing food!

Google Reviews
May 25 2022
For many years sea breeze has been my number one place to go to for fun, it is close and one of the best theme parks for all ages!! There are so many cool things that you can do, like the kitty rides for younger kids, more higher level rides like the musical express, the bobsleds, the time machine, and more! They also have thrilling roles coasters for people who enjoy those!! I totally recommend the games and log ride. They have delicious food and it’s just super fun!! If your more of a water park person, they have a little kids area with tiny sides, they are actually fun for older people, and bigger slides, they have wave pool. So I totally think you should go here for you next vacation!! Have fun.

June 20 2022
If you are a coaster enthusiasts, this is worth the trip for the 100 year old Jack Rabbit, great coaster for being a century old. There is a good selection of flat rides as well and the admission cost is low plus free parking. Wouldn't call it a destination park but there is plenty to do if you do stop by.

June 14 2022
Beautiful historic park. You need to ride the Jack Rabbit-- it's very well maintained for being over 100 years old! Go on the dry rides and in the water park to get your money's worth.

June 05 2022
Alex is a very good worker and deserves a promotion. He knows what to do in every situation including if you get sick. With Alex I felt very safe, he was also very swaggy. He was wearing the best sketchers I’ve ever saw. Those sketches would make sure Alex could run very fast in case someone was in need of assistance. Sea breeze needs more workers like Alex.

June 24 2022
If you are looking for an enjoyable way to spend your day, this is it! While Seabreeze may not be the biggest amusement park around, in my opinion it is by far the BEST! For starters, during our visits so far, the entire park has been immaculately clean and well maintained. When the park is open, all rides and attractions are open! All of the staff have been friendly and full of smiles. The park grounds are extremely well maintained (paint is fresh, clean, bright and colorful, gardening aestetics are beautiful, concrete and asphalt very clean and smooth, garbage areas are never overflowing or stinky when you pass by them, etc.) The waterpark is really nice and there is a lot of space to move around, even when the park is busy. Also, we have noticed that so far, ALL of the patrons we have encountered on our visits have been courteous and their behavior really added to the nice family atmosphere (no loud foul language, no pot smoke, no line cutting, no pushing/shoving, etc) overall, Seabreeze just seems to draw a very nice crowd of decent and respectable people. In regards to Military Members, Seabreeze goes above and beyond to treat both Active Duty Military and Veterans VERY WELL (FREE ADMISSION ALWAYS for all current and past Military members with proper ID) WOW, talk about being a PATRIOTIC BUSINESS 🇺🇸🎆🇺🇸🎆🇺🇸🎆!!! Another great thing about Seabreeze is the overall level of comfort provided within the park. There are lots of clean, comfortable picnic tables where you can sit, relax and dine (they even have tables meant for those who bring their own food which is really nice for families on a tight budget) Overall, it is evident that this park is not owned by some corporate can easily see that much of the money made by the park is reinvested into maintaining the high standards of the park. Truly an HISTORICAL GEM in our community! I could go on and on, listing all of the wonderful things about Seabreeze, but you really should just go and see for yourself. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND 😊

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