Secret Caverns

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Naturally formed caverns with waterfalls 100 ft. below ground, various formations & fossils.

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May 16 2022
We went when they first opened on a Saturday and our group had 6 people including us. Our tour guide was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and funny. The cavern is amazing to explore, and you can touch the rock formations! The tour ends with the waterfall which is just so cool to see and experience. Definitely worth the trip if you are looking for a unique and memorable activity. Wear a jacket and sneakers because it is damp and cool down there.

June 04 2022
This was my first cave tour in a long time and it was great! Tour guide was very informational and told the history of the cave. Tour starts with how the cave was "accidently" discovered by two cows in the 1920's. Then you go down over 100 steps into the caves. The cave has colorful lighting to illuminate the best spots in the cave. While the cave doesn't have any really "roomy" spots it does have the 100 foot waterfall at the end, which is one of a kind. Unlike many other places you can see and touch the walls. On my tour they even shut off the lights to see what is like without the lights! Passage way to waterfall can be narrow and wet, but that adds to the authenticity of the tour. If in the area definitely worth seeing. Tour is about an hour long. Gift shop and tour is cash only.

September 19 2020
They only took cash, and we didn't have enough on us. So that was a wonderful waste of a drive.

May 23 2022
Amazing experience. Tour giude was very informative and intriguing. He was also funny. Love shop and outside there a beautiful view with bench to wait for the tour to start. Coming back with friends.

June 16 2022
I actually found this place from the movie Asteroid. I called the number on the wall of the building and realized it was a real place. Secret caverns is where they were going to hide when the asteroids hit. Wish I visited when I was in the area a few years ago.

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